Monday, February 10, 2014

The new world

The New World

In the new world is a war of pure destruction. All states are surrounded by barriers and walls of massive size to protect from enemy raids, spies, looters,  attacks, or small squads of enemy patrols. The main cause was the war between russia and America. The war was over a new weapon that creates dead soldiers to come back to life. america was impressed with the new weapon when Russia first used it, but they knew that russia couldn’t use such a risky weapon. soon, Russia sold it to China and to African countries and they worked together to defeat America and any who opposed them of their new power. America knew they would not survive so they called Japan, Germany, France, and the citizens who formed militias’ all across the world to battle the Russia And Africas’s army.
Leon, a lonely farmer living in the ruins of his farm. He still struggles to grow food in the unhealthy fields of radiation infected soil. Leon stays out of the city walls. He isn’t able to pass through, because he can not afford to pay his way in. Everyone in the city gets a small tattoo from a special ink. The only way to get in is to get your arm scanned at the wall. Normally soldiers would pass along his farm for patrols and most soldiers left him and his crops alone. Today no soldiers had passed the area. He had heard news of enemy squads planning attacks along the wall to break into the city but he never thought anyone would ever have the guts to attack the wall of texas. Texas had the biggest wall in america. Leon lived a mile and a half northwest of wall. He had never been accepted into the city. There is only one way in and that is through the air fields where they pick people up by helicopter and drove them into the city. only a certain number is allowed in. mainly rich people or slaves were brought in but poor farmers or low class families lived outside the wall. Only the heavy and strong survived. Today Leon was mending his farmhouse. it was almost winter so he was getting the farm ready for snow and putting things in or out of the barn. while he was locking up the barn an object had struck him and he blacked out. He woke up cuffed to a pole in the collapsing barn in the back fields of his crops. He opened his eyes and ached all over. He looked around and saw two soldiers taking ammo and anything helpful to take. They really needed weapons and food but Leon had none. He had blood splatters on his shirt and he had a bloody nose. He figured the soldiers had beat him. He felt his wrist and ankle throbbing guessing that they were broken as he had no control over the feeling of pain in the bones. He tried using his arms to move and the cuffs quickly jerked his arms back to the pole. He moaned in pain and the soldiers looked over curiously. They saw him awaking and fled the barn. When he looked out of the hole in the ceiling it was raining. He heard thunder and the barn rumbled with terror. Leon tried to stand up on his good foot and slide the cuff up the pole to keep steady and keep standing. he looked around leaning safely and securely against the pole. the barn was empty and the other side of the barn had already started to collapse over time. The storm kept ringing the barn with shocks of vibrations and rumbles. Leon was almost positive that the barn would collapse on him before the storm was over. he tried kicking the pole with his good foot, he tried sliding off the handcuffs, he tried to use his spit to loosen the tight grip of the cuffs but nothing worked. he let his body slowly fall back to the ground and he closed his eyes. the one thing running in his ,mind was that he was going to die. he slightly opened them and looked up at the ceiling that was once again rumbled with thunder. this time the barn shook and creaked with violence and pieces of the barn had fallen around him. he closed his eyes wondering what he could or should do. The only thing possible is to wait for the barn to fall and hopefully the pole would break away from the ceiling and he could crawl to the end of the pole and slide the cuffs off. He knew it was a long shot but he had no choice. He doubted he could survive nor get out. he looked up for a few more seconds, and took a deep breath. e had no family and was no longer nervous for death. he took another deep breath and closed his eyes. He tried to relax and breath softly. Suddenly a giant crack of lightning struck the barn and his eyelids lit up with brightness. He opened his eyes surprised and the last thing he saw was the roof coming down.

Leon woke up in the dirt. He opened his eyes and saw only pitch black all everywhere. He tried to move around but he couldn’t. he tried to slide around and he could do nothing but squirm in the mud. he tried to use his one good arm to dig lower and lower until he could move around. once he got the trench big enough he started to crawl until he had to dig more and more. He finally got out and saw light. he layed down and realized he was and had been completely covered by the ruins of the barn. The handcuffs that were once on his arm had been torn from the pole somehow. He took a deep breath and looked out toward the daylight and saw the hills of his land. he smiled and thought to himself, “It had to come down sometime.” He slowly picked himself up off the ground and limped away towards his house. he felt the broken wrist and the ankle he twisted and the three broken ribs the soldiers gave him. Leon didn't care about anything else other than the feeling of sheer luck that made him so happy to be living. He saw everything differently and thought how his wife would react if she was still here and heard about what happened. The sky was pure blue with not a cloud in sight.


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